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Some amazing set by some amazing producers from some really crazy party in some part of the world that was really really great.

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Some amazing set by some amazing producers from some really crazy party in some part of the world that was really really great.

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Some amazing set by some amazing producers from some really crazy party in some part of the world that was really really great.



Known for his work creating Netmusique Internet Radio, Poundhouse, Box of Kittens and many other noted music organizations, Hali has been spreading his love of underground electronic dance music to the masses for well over 15 years.

Hali has performed around the globe and on live, internationally-televised programmes including CBC, Discover Channel, Life Network, and MuchMusic and continues to perform at select music events around the world and in-and-around his new home in Berlin, Germany.

Founder of, Flarsound consisted of 2 channels - Jazzy Beats and Deep Beats which were put together for the sole purpose of keeping him entertained at while he worked.

Jeff, a music and internet enthusiast was working as an IT professional and Web Developer in Silicon Valley at the time.

Without warning the streams became wildly popular landing Flaresound in the top 10 music webcasts in 1999 and 2000

A long time admirer of Hali's Poundhouse site, he jumped at the chance to join forces with Poundhouse and Netmusique was born.

Jeff currently resides in San Francisco, California.

...more than a disc jockey. She's an artist with a love for creating a safe space for the people who come to see her to just be. Over the past seven years, Whodat has touched audiences in the States, Europe and Canada with her jazz of house, funk, soul and little bit in between.

Whodat is the owner of YDR313 2.0, a record store, specializing in Detroit and Worldwide Independent and Underground vinyl releases.

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Rene aka mischfuehler is part of the beatdezernat [BDZ] crew.

He cultivated the begining of an addiction to vinyl and house music in early 1998.

Fascinated by the idea of internet radio in the early days - broadband, internet was not even available in germany, but that didnt stop him from working up with Hali to establish a regular show on Poundhouse Netradio which was later moved to transferd into Flaresound hosted by Jeff Carter from SF/USA.

Shortly afterJeff and Hali reorganized and Netmusique was born.

The Amniotic Fluid and Beatdezernat (BDZ) shows were broacast twice a week from then on.
mainly playing together with his best mates: Jahroma aka Aromaboy and Chris aka Fosifunk as co-hosts. During those years of joy they also offered some guest appearances by other BDZ crew members like DJ Polyester, Stephan Laubner aka STL & Keith Denis. They were proud to present guests like Zip, Ark, Larry Heard, Brett Dancer and Nu, to name a few.

These days Rene is back into bedroom production mode - working on some new efforts and playing out here and there..


When this elusive, globetrotting techno nomad isn't exploring the jungles of central america, or found on the decks of half-a-million-dollar catamarans, or randomly appearing around the world at some of the biggest electronic music festivals, she can sometimes be caught rocking the decks at big Toronto techno events like Promise. About the only time she settles down is for her weekly radio show Technogypsy every Sunday on Electrique. Don't miss it (or her).

Co-founder of Seed Recordings all around artist, Bradford has intertwined people together all over the world thru events in NYC & Boston. With over 25 years in the business he as a DJ & music producer has a long discography with original productions and remixes for labels Shelter, Yoruba, Air Drop, Shack, Trippin, Quantize, Future Vision & Plastic People to name a few. He currently resides as resident dj of Uplifted & Seed In The City Madness Events in Brooklyn.

Electronic music junkie since his first rave in Ottawa circa 1996.  His musical tastes have been shaped by an unquenchable thirst for great dance music and an endless list of legendary House DJs.  After moving to Vancouver in 1999, he was immersed in the Westcoast House scene. Countless full moon, loft and warehouse parties later, listening and dancing wasn’t enough to quench his thirst for beats. One day in 2000 he stumbled upon and his musical has never been the same since. He discovered the many faces of House music from around the world and got inspired to get his hands dirty and give it a go. Around that same period he discovered new tools to make the music he heard all over. New digital tools were coming out to compose and create electronic music. Finding the creation and composition a bit tedious he found new and interesting ways to manipulate and mix tracks using Ableton live. Using his understanding of DJ mixing, music and his newfound skills he started mixing beats in a most unconventional way. The new possibilities presented to him were the launching point of a new love affair! It wasn’t long before he got noticed by some of his friend over on netmusique. After moving to Montreal in 2004 and meeting Uzi, the Soulmeka crew and part of the netmusique family he got his chance to bring his vision of House to the world. Deep fried daze was born. Over 200 shows later, there’s no way to stop the Bopp! Over the years he’s played at umerous loft parties, clubs and outdoor parties in Montreal and  around the province of Quebec.With the return of netmusique he’s ready to bring his own flavor of Jackin House music to the table. His new weekly show called Nu Jack City promises to bring you the best of the Jackin House movement every saturday. His influences are numerous and varied, amongst them are Derrick Carter, Mark Farina, Phil weeks, jay Tripwire, Tyler Stadius, Hali, Uzi, Johnny Fiasco, Heather, Jason Hodges, 1200 warriors, Inland Knights, Kinky Movement, Natural Rhythm, Doc Martin, Justin Martin, Claude Vonstroke, Wattie Green, Corduroy Mavericks, Fred Everything, DJ Mes, Freaky Behavior, Anhanguera, Jamanta Crew, James Curd, Hector Morales and the list goes on...

Bopp is living in Montreal, Quebec.